7 Scary Simple and FUN Halloween Ideas

Looking for ways to celebrate Halloween that won't leave your pocketbook empty? As usual, GearPacket has you covered! 

I’m amazed of how easy and clever these Halloween projects are! These affordable ideas will be fun to make, display, and share during the entire Halloween Season. I can’t wait to show them to you… Here they are! 


The Watermelon Monster. 
This looks so pretty at the table. Make a delicious and healthy fruit salad and decorate your watermelon.

Banana ghosts and mandarin orange pumpkins. 
Great Halloween healthy fun food hacks. Instead of candy, make a big fruit tray. Kids LOVE this idea!

Flying Pretzel Broomsticks. 
Just use some pretzel sticks string cheese and a string of fresh chive for a yummy healthy snack!

Mummy Juice. 
Wrap 'em up with white electrical tape. This has the added fun of surprise flavors!

Grape Catepillars. 
All it takes is some kebab skewers, grapes and melted chocolate/white chocolate!

Spider Icecubes
Just freeze some plastic spiders for Halloween drinks that are sure to scare.
Black Cat NoBake Cookies
You need: Oreos, green M&Ms, pumpkin sprinkles, edible marker, and chocolate chips.

Spooky Eyes In The Night
These are sure to scare and only take minutes to make! Use old toilet paper rolls and glow sticks!
Surgical SnackBags 
Latex gloves make great halloween themed candy bags!


Well...What do you think? Do you have any Halloween ideas that were a smashing success in the past?

Leave us a comment and the best one will win a special prize from the GearPacket stockroom!

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