Diamond Kitchen Sharpener Save 17%

Diamond Kitchen Sharpener

Save 17%
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Sharpen Kitchen And Garden Tools With Ease!

  • Works on kitchen tools
  • Works on gardening tools
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to use.
  • Made of high quality materials for years of use

***Due to extremely high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping***

Shoe Shine Buddy

Perfectly Polished Shoes

Your shoes say a lot about your personality and clean shoes give you a smart and polished look. Having clean, polished shoes doesn't have to take a lot of time. The Shoe Shine Buddy can give you shoes a shine that lasts for days. Keep your hands clean, because Shoe Shine Buddy works with a simple click. The brush is interchangeable too! Works great on various types of material.

Magic Embroidery Pen Save 25%

Magic Embroidery Pen

Save 25%

Enjoy Your Passion For Sewing!

Embroidery is made simple with the Magic Embroidery Pen! Ergonomically designed and makes use of three different needle sizes: small, medium and large. Includes two threader sizes: the larger one is at the opposite end of punch needle and the small is for the needle eye. 

Handle Length: Approx. 4.7inch / 12cm

Threaded Length: Approx. 7.2inch / 18.3cm

***Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

Eyeglasses Cleaning Wizard Save 28%

Eyeglasses Cleaning Wizard

Save 28%


From fingerprints and dirt, the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner entirely cleans your eyeglasses inside and out. The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is an advanced cleaning gadget that uses an invisible micro fiber substance to repel dirt and dust at ease. It consists of two parts which are the bristle brush and the carbon pads. To use it, brush the dust from the lens using its bristle brush and pull the carbon pads then wipe out all remaining dust and dirt. The carbon pads are shaped to fit in any kinds of angles and difficult corners. When you are done just stick the pads into the brush to recharged. Instead of rubbing the dirt around with your shirt that can potentially scratch your glasses, try this all in one Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner now!


Eyewear Accessories: Lens Cloth
Item Type: Eyewear Accessories
Color: Grey
Material: Bamboo Fiber

Fix A Zipper Save 15%

Fix A Zipper

Fix A Zipper

Save 15%

Instantly Fix ANY Broken Zipper

Fix-A-Zipper is the ultimate tool that will amazingly fix ANY broken zippers Instantly! When the zipper of your favorite bag, jeans or jacket breaks, Don’t buy a new one yet!

Broken zippers might break your heart, but NOT with the amazing Fix A Zipper! It magically fixes zipper mishaps, split zipper tracks, broken sliders and up to 3 missing teeth – so handy and easy to use that anyone can use it!

The Fix A Zipper works Perfectly with jeans, skirts, golf duffle bags, backpacks, sleeping bags, purses, jackets and many more other items! Simply snap Fix-A-Zipper to the middle of a broken zipper, and it'll be fixed instantly! You can now use your zipper normally as if it was never broken at all!

The entire package comes with 6 sizes of Fix-A-Zipper so you can fix any size zipper you need. So what are you waiting for? Get your amazing Fix-A-Zipper NOW!

5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix


Fix Anything In 5 Seconds Or Less!

Brake something and need to fix it? Save your money and use 5 Second Repair now! 5 Second Repair is the only item available that uses our innovative Liquid Plastic Welding Compound, and it magically can Fix Almost Everything in your household - yes! in less than 5 seconds!

The most important thing with 5 Second Repair is that it causes No Mess, No Odor, No Spills. 5 Second Repair is truly a game changer- The UV light uses the latest Military Grade technology, which is also the secret to create a perfect seal within 5 seconds.

The chemical bond is so strong it's almost impossible to break apart - whether from water, friction, or pressure. 5 Second Repair is specially designed to work perfectly on ANYTHING including metal, plastic, wood, glass and much more. It is the ONLY tool you need to fix ALL your things.

This may be the best investment you ever make to protect your valuable belongings. You will NEVER need to be worry about breaking anything in your house again.


1. How is 5 Second Repair different from other glues?
Ordinary glue requires pressure between two parts to work. 5 Second Repair uses Liquid Plastic Welding Compound, a type of liquid that has strong adhesive property and only hardens under UV light.

2. Can the 5 Second Repair harden without UV light?
No, 5 Second Repair will only work if you use the UV light provided. This allows you to adjust the object before fixing it in place.

3. Is there a refill for 5 Second Repair?
No, at this time 5 Second Repair cannot be refilled.

4. What is the life expectancy of 5 Second Repair?
After every use, make sure to close it tight, and it could last as long as 2 years (stored under room temperature), but we have experienced much long time. So you're safe to buy more now!

5. What exactly is the capacity of 5 Second Repair?
5 Second Repair has approximately 8mL of liquid plastic welding compound in it. 

6. Can I use 5 Second Repair to connect parts that have small contact surfaces?
Yes, 5 Second Repair is perfect for small surfaces - as small as a few millimeters!

7. Can I use 5 Second Repair to fix jars, bowls, glasses, and other food utensils?
No, 5 Second Repair is not safe around food products or items that come in contact with food. We highly recommended to NOT use it close to food.

8. Should I keep 5 Second Repair away from my kids?
Yes, 5 Second Repair should be kept in a place where your kids can't reach. This product is intended only for use by adults age 18+, or under the supervision of an adult.

9. Can I use 5 Second Repair on wet surfaces?
Yes, as long as the surface is only wet but not greasy, then you can achieve the strong bond depending on the structure of the surface. However we recommend drying off the surface first if possible.

10. Are there any safety issues related to 5 Second Repair?
5 Second Repair is designed ONLY for external use. If you accidentally consume 5 Second Repair then go to the hospital immediately. There has been concern that this material may cause irritation, cancer or mutations, but there is not enough data to make a fair assessment. As long as it is not in contact with your food and is kept away from children, it's absolutely safe!

***Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

Easy Fold Save 14%

Easy Fold

Easy Fold

Save 14%

Easy And Quickly Fold Clothes In Seconds

Neat and tidy folding of clothes is of an arm reach with this Easy Fold! An ingenious way to fold your clothes just like you seen in the malls. Even, tidy and crisp folding in seconds.

With only a few easy-to-follow steps you can fold your clothing like a professional. Ideal for keeping your clothing wrinkle free, and perfect for traveling. Easy Fold is durable, reusable, portable, collapsible, and practical for any situation. Suitable for kids and adults size clothing!

***Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

InfraRed Smart Plug Save 30%

InfraRed Smart Plug

InfraRed Smart Plug

Save 30%

A Universal Infrared-Operated Technology Controller

This infrared smart remote control system is designed for Apple IOS and Android devices. This universal remote can control all types of an infrared appliances: tv's, set-top boxes, air conditioning, projector, DVD, amplifier, fan, SLR, light bulbs, and many more. It also supports a wide range of iOS phones. 

Its compact design makes all the necessary microchips and internal technology system extremely portable. No external battery, advanced processing technology, circuits are integrated into the IC unit in an audio pin. Super mini-size in appearance! 

Compatible with: SONY, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, Palm, HTC, Motorola

How to use

Step 1: Download App 
Download “Fingertip” or “ZazaRemote” from App Store. (The product includes IR receiver only, APP and data base are provided by third party).

Step 2: Plug in product unit
Plug the product unit into headphone jack and open APP. Rotate unit volume icon displayed on smartphone, which symbolizes connected, and adjust to maximum volume.  

Step 3: Add Remote 
Point IR transmitter to household appliance and then add remote - select appliance and brand - click to match and save. (If unserviceable, please click more - Help & Feedback, feedback the unserviceable appliance model).

Step 4: End Use 
Pull out the unit, or rotate it to non-contact status to be a dust plug.


***Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

Miracle Needler (2 pack)

Threader for unsteady hands

If there's one thing that can make people's patience run out, it's threading a needle! It's not easy when you have a needle with an eye so small, it can take minutes to have a thread pass through it. Good thing, there's the Miracle Needler! This was designed to make threading easier for arthritic hands, blurry eyesight and basically just to save time threading. Never stress over a thread and a needle ever again! 

Get a 4-pack for just $24.98! Just add two 2-packs to your cart and use coupon code "NEEDLE4" at checkout to instantly save $5!

**Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

Luxury Card Organizer Wallet


 The Luxury Card Organizer Wallet can hold up to 14 cards at the same time. It has a vintage genuine leather style that is more elegant and convenient for carrying your credit cards and money. You can carry almost everything that is important to you like ATM, passport, ID, cash, coins, and more. Inside, there are 2 card holder, 2 metal that can hold 12 cards, 1 note compartment, and an automatic card pop. With a plain and shiny appearance, anyone can use them whether you are a woman or a man, this Luxury Card Organizer Wallet is made for you.

Available in 5 ravishing colors, choose yours now!


Item Type: Card & ID Holders
Pattern Type: Solid
Gender: Unisex
Use: Credit Card
Item Length: 10cm
Item Width: 6.5cm
Closure Type: Hasp
Style: Vintage
Main Material: PU
Shape: Box
Material Composition: Cowhide

Air Blaster Gun Toilet Cleaner


A very useful hygiene item! This easy-to-use Air Bluster Gun Toilet Cleaner will clean and clear out the sink, toilet, bathtubs - basically any clogged up pipes and drains! It's reusable and quick to clean! Definitely saves you a lot of money from calling a plumber or buying a product containing those harsh chemicals in it. It's so versatile and effective against heavy blocking of dirt, hair and rubbish materials such as oil, ice cream, soft drinks, and liquors. It also comes with 4 different suction settings. 

Blast away that dirt now!
Buy it now!


100% Brand New
Dimensions: 15cm x 10cm x 10cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
Material: Plastic
Item Type: Toilet Cleaner, Sink 


Portable Air Cooler Save 20%

Portable Air Cooler

Portable Air Cooler

Save 20%

Be Prepared for the Summer Heat Wave

Hotness during summer will sometimes lead us to irritable mood, unease feeling and would sometimes feel uncomfortable. Cool your self with this Portable Air Cooler! Lightweight, portable and convenient, a perfect tool for summer! Powered by 4 AA batteries, you can bring it and use it anywhere you like!

***Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

Moving Belt PRO Save 13%

Moving Belt PRO

Moving Belt PRO

Save 13%

Lifting And Moving Have Never Been Easier!

All you need is a partner and the Easy Lift & Move Belt to carry furniture as heavy as 220 kilos!

The Easy Lift & Move Belt was designed so you can carry heavy loads without being injured. It has a leverage system which divides the actual load weight into half so you wouldn't feel hurt or burdened when you lift any furniture. It also helps prevent scratches on your floors when moving these appliances. 

Carry 7X heavier equipment effortlessly using the Easy Lift & Move Belt! Get yours today!

Length: 2.8m / 108.66 in
Width:4.5 cm / 1.77 in
Content: 1 pair of straps

***Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery


Control and play wirelessly with any wifi enabled device, Ios, Android or Windows.

Micro HD Projector is specially designed for Business Meeting & Education Training & Entertainment use, which features advanced Multi-Color processing, Ultra mini size, and lightweight design.


  • LED Brightness: 500 lumens
  • ANSI Lumens: 30 ANSI lumens
  • Resolution: 1920 * 1080 max resolution and 800:1 Contrast Ratio, offering you a high definition Video Picture and Photos.
  • It is equipped with MicroSD Card Slot which supports up to 64G and offers you large memory space to store your favorite movies, videos, music, pictures, and files. Lightweight and Pocket size, easy to carry it everywhere.
  • Advanced Multi-Color processing, producing exceptional contrast ratios. RGB LED Lamps with 30000 hours of lifespan and a projection size of up to 70 inches. 

  • Lightweight and Pocket size, only 92g and owns palm size (4.4 * 4.6 * 4.5cm), just fit an entire home entertainment system in your pocket. You can easily carry it with you, watching your favorite movies or making an impressive business presentation anytime and anywhere.
  • Built-in 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery lasts up to 40mins per charge cycle, charged via MicroUSB port. And, it can be powered by portable power bank via its MicroUSB port.
  • Equipped with built-in Speaker (1W/8ohm), enjoy audio from your videos or use the included 3.5mm headphone jack to connect external speakers or earphones of your choice.

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).

Miracle Door Alarm Save 33%

Miracle Door Alarm

Miracle Door Alarm

Save 33%


The Miracle Door Alarm with 120 dB Siren has an extremely loud alarm that can wake you up, notify your neighbors and intimidate any intruder. The alarm is activated when the doorknob is touched. Easy to install, no wiring and tools needed. Lightweight and compact, you can also bring it when staying at hotels and other places.



Unit Type: 1 piece

Size: 98 X 55 X 25 mm

Usage: Security Alarm 

Color: Black 


MAGIC PEN Save 33%



Save 33%



 If you can write it, you can engrave it! For The First Time, Magic Pen lets you easily engrave Any Surface. You can use Magic Pen to personalize your sports gear, children's toys, tools so that you will NEVER lose them, personalize your gifts and trophies with Everlasting Messages or simply create your own artistic patterns on anything as you wish.

The Secret lies with the diamond infused tip that oscillates at Incredible 9000 RPM, powerful enough to engrave Forged Steel. Simply inserting 2 AA batteries into Magic Pen and you can start to write on Any Surface just like using any other pen.

Please note that if you try to add them to your cart and get an error message, that means they've already Sold Out, so you can check back in 2 Months Later when our second manufacturing round will arrive.



Model Number: AY096
Application: Engraver it
Engraving Speed:9000RPM






Accessorize your shoes with the Anti-Slip Ice Gripper. The Anti-Slip Ice Gripper helps you avoid treacherous terrain with slipping conditions. It is made of elastic latex that can stretch up to 11.5 inches. The special stainless steel ground gripping teeth delivers excellent traction on any ice surface. You can bring this anytime and anywhere because of its lightweight feature and is easily folded  to fit in your pocket. It is suitable for boots, sneakers, casual, or business shoe. You can also use this Anti-Slip Ice Gripper when you are fishing, hiking, and hunting for a better and safer experience.

Get one NOW and stay safe during the winter season!


Application: Winter Shoe Accessory
Material: Eva foam, Elastic Latex, Stainless Steel
Type: 10-Teeth Crampons
Color: Black
Size: Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large


S:31-36(EURO) ; 3-5(US) ; 16cm/6.3inch(Approx Length) ; 10.5cm/4.1inch(Maximum Width)

M:36-41(EURO) ; 5-8(US) ; 16cm/6.3inch(Approx Length) ; 12.5cm/4.9inch(Maximum Width)

L:39-46(EURO) ; 8-11(US) ; 22cm/8.7inch(Approx Length) ; 13.5cm/5.3inch(Maximum Width)

XL:45-48(EURO) ; 11-13(US) ; 24.5cm/9.6inch(Approx Length) ; 14.5cm/5.7inch(Maximum Width)