New Arrivals

New Arrivals


Stay safe without making any compromises. The Foldable Bike Helmet is the perfect acolyte for your next trip around the city! 

The Foldable Bike Helmet is perfect for any cyclist and commuter that never knows where to put their helmet since this one is foldable.

The Foldable Bike Helmet adjusts to your head shape and fits into your bag to keep a low profile. Cycling around the busy downtowns might just be the most dangerous place for a cyclist and without proper safety, a ride around the block can be fatal.

The Foldable Bike Helmet offers protection against falls and also reduces the hassle of carrying around a bulky helmet. The unique helmet design features cascades that allow the helmet to compact into a size and shape that easily slips into any backpack, satchel or tote handbag.

  • FOLDABLE INTO COMPACT SIZE - The bicycle helmet that folds to one third of its original size. Fold, stash, and store in your bag until you need it again!

  • MATERIAL AND CONSTRUCTION - Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) liner built in high density, which creates stronger impact resistant ability. Thicker Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic (ABS) outer shell is injection moulded with the EPS liner to provide the helmets with extra protection.

  • FIT SYSTEM - The backside mini adjust dial is equipped to create smooth size adjustment. It can be easily rotated simply by one hand and is designed with vertical adjustment which offers perfect head fit.

  • SAFETY CERTIFICATION PASSED - The helmets comply with the most stringent safety certifications in the world: US CPSC & EN1078

  • VENTILATION - Foldable Bike Helmet offers great ventilation compare to any other helmets with its free air flow design and much lightweight without sacrificing the safety durability and shock resistance.

Foldable Bike Helmet was designed with the urban commuter in mind and can be incorporated into any lifestyle. Whether you're riding to work, to class, or to meet up with friends, you can simply FOLD the helmet and store it in your bag until it’s needed again.

Extremely high demand: expect 2-6 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe)

Microcurrent Toner Save 60%

Microcurrent Toner

Microcurrent Toner

Save 60%

Reduce Signs Of Aging With This Best-Selling Portable Toner

This small, portable device stimulates your skin like a facial or massage, using solar powered microcurrent technology to instantly tighten the skin. Microcurrent Toner may also benefit you in the following ways

  • Improve muscle tone
  • Lift skin below chin, jawline and eyebrows
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve blood circulation in your skin
  • Help drain lymph nodes of toxins
  • Reduce inflammation

Microcurrent technology is the hottest beauty trend of 2018 for a good reason. When the solar panel catches light, it sends gentle, non-invasive microcurrents to the muscles, which helps instantly tone, firm and tighten the skin.

Microcurrents are gentle electrical currents that trigger your skin’s natural enhancement chemicals at a cellular level. In simple terms, this means that it may slow down signs of skin aging, improve your skin tone and help various skin problems.
Microcurrent Toner features a portable, waterproof, ergonomic 360 degree design. It's solar powered, so no wires, plugs or replacing batteries. It takes as little as 5 minutes a day to use, and can be used in the bath and while traveling.
When using Microcurrent Toner you’ll feel a slight pinching and sucking sensation. Don’t worry, this is normal!
Rolling improves blood circulation, stimulates muscles back to their original, firm state, and rejuvenates your skin at the same time!

How To Use Microcurrent Toner:

  1. Grip the handle without covering the solar panel. Roll upwards about 6-8 times on each part of your face and body
  2. Begin with your neck to start stimulating blood flow and circulation. You'll feel a release of muscle tension. As you pull the device upwards, you'll feel it gripping your skin - this is the feeling of lifting your muscles.
  3.  Next, roll upwards and with gentle pressure to firm your chin (great to firm double chin). Then roll along the nape of your neck
  4. After your chin and neck, roll upwards below your bottom lip and your marionette line (lines on the side of your chin and mouth).
  5. Next, roll upwards along your jaw line, to the sides of your face, and eventually to your temples.
  6. After your temples move to to the front of your forehead, then towards the back of your scalp, and to the back of your head
  7. Next you can move to your body. Start from the base of your shoulder towards your head
  8. For upper arms, roll beneath the underarm to help saggy skin
  9. To enhance cleavage, roll across the chest from under the arm to the center. 
  10. For your waist, roll along the sides of the waist for a more attractive waistline.
Eyelash Stapler Save 17%

Eyelash Stapler

Eyelash Stapler

Save 17%

The Eyelash Stapler lets you achieve that natural-looking eyelashes with just one quick application. It gives instantly sexy & flirty eyes that are bold, fuss free & fresh. This applicator dispenses false lash buds & allows you to customize whatever length you want. This works surprisingly well. 


  • The unit holds 40 lash buds plus an extra four to play.
  • This applicator is unlike anything else out there & promises instant, hassle-free glamour-on-the-go
  • No need to touch your lashes or glue when applying, definitely no mess 
  • Portable design & easy application

    STEP 1: SCROLL to prime the tool. 

    STEP 2: LOCK. When the lash is exposed halfway, press the top button to click closed and hold lashes in place.

    STEP 3: GLUE. Brush lash glue on the end of the lash buds. Blow & wait 20-30 seconds until the glue is sticky. 

    STEP 4: APPLY to your lash line. 

    STEP 5: RELEASE. Press the bottom button to unlock & release false lashes.

    Caution: Avoid contact of false lashes or applicator directly into the eye.
    Face Mask Machine Save 40%

    Face Mask Machine

    Face Mask Machine

    Save 40%

    This Face Mask Machine is very useful If you like making your own juices and smoothies at home. You can put it in Mason jars and make your own mask. You can use any liquid you desire — be it fresh-squeezed orange juice, red wine (antioxidants!), or, confusingly, egg whites — for making your own face mask in just five minutes. All you have to do is to add water, your liquid of choice, and one of the included collagen capsules, and it’ll do the rest for you.

    The facial mask machine doesn’t have any preservatives, or hydrargyrum or plum-bum and other unhealthy chemical composition. It can provide you a high quality, multi-functional and safe mask which is made with natural ingredients.  

    1.Connect to Power 
    2.Confirm Mask mode
    3.Confirm Mask mode 
    4.Pour 60ml Water 
    5.Pour 20ml fruit juice 
    6.Pour Collagen Pot
    7.Confirm Button 
    8.5 Minutes of making mask
    9.Press Button to flow 
    10.Cooling the Mask and take 
    11.Take the Mask


    Size: 165*119mm
    Color: White
    Material: ABS+Stainless steel
    Power: 90W, 50Hz
    Capacity: 100ml
    Voltage: 110-220V
    Collagen: 32 pcs Collagen

    Nail Soakers - Polish remover

    Nail Soakers - Polish Remover are a quick and easy way to remove soak off gel polish by using body heat to speed the process.  These convenient gel off caps effectively removes gel polish easily!  No need for foils or wrappers.


    • 100% brand new and high quality
    • It's very handy and useful.
    • Perfect tool for both professional nail art use and personal use!
    • Be made of enviromental protection silicone with good scalability,durable enough for your daily using.
    • Quick and easy to remove UV gel, acrylic nail tips and nail polish.
    • It is small and light in size and weight. Clean it with water after use

    Type: Soak Off Cap
    Material: Silicone

    Package includes:
    5Pcs Nail Polish Remover

    How to use: 
    1. Open this cap
    2. Putting the soaking pads with pure acetone on the opened cap
    3. Using this cap wraps the artificial nail and keeping 10-15minutes
    4. Wash with water after use

    Electric Rabbit Shampoo Massager

    Unique Vibration Structure:

    Vibrate on the scalp of several thousand times per minute.Stimulate to the scalp gently and give you a healthy hair and scalp

    Powerful Cleaning Ability:

    Helps to remove and prevent collections of shampoo residue,which will leave your hair dull and limp.Firm bristles help clean into the thickest hair.

    Also helps to:

    • Improve your sleep Quality.
    • Release tension spots in the shoulders and neck.
    • Relieve daily working stress.

    Installation steps:
    1.Press the battery compartment
    2.Unfold the top conver
    3.Install 2AAA Batteries(Not incluede).With the spring side,install the batterys negative pole
    4.Cover the top conver and Press the ON/OFF button.

    Package including:
    1x Electric Scalp Massager (batteries not included)


    Electric Facial Cleaning Scrubber

    The revolutionary Electric Facial Cleaning Scrubber facial cleansing brush and anti-aging system designed to minimize the appearance of blemishes while effectively addressing concerns related to aging skin. 


    • Deep clean, effectively remove  makeup residue
    • USB charging, no need to change battery
    • Waterproof, can used in bathroom
    • Cute and elegant shape, ergonomic design
    • No need to change brush

    Package include:1 x Face Washing Machine

    Jade Facial Roller

    Jade stones have tremendous amount of good energy that will have a positive effect on your skin. Soon after daily use, your skin will feel tighter, more rejuvenated and shines with a natural glow. Using with face cream can promote great absorption.
    FREE YOUR BEAUTY:Reduces your dark circles under the eyes and puffines ;promote blood circulation to the eye area. After a few days, you will notice some significant changes. Your face will be less puffy, feel less tense. look tighter like you had a face lift.
    RELAXES YOU :It could relax your body from long working hours and driving. Helps to ease your muscle from high-strength fitness or exercise. It could be used on your face, neck, back, arms and legs or anywhere that needs a massage.
    NATURAL JADE:Made of 100% natural jade. Durable and decent quality; Smooth to the touch and will never hurt your skin.It helps reduce puffiness and tension in the face, and the jade feels so amazing on your skin. 
    PLEASE NOTE: ①Due to the nature of the jade stone, known as Royal Jade, each piece varies in color - from very pale to darker green to opaque and translucent. The stone is hand-cut so size will vary. ②Please take great care when handling the Chi roller. The roller is handmade and delicate; we recommend using gentle pressure as it is also delicate.

    Gold Beauty Bar


    The Energy Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse for Skincare - vibrates 6,000 times a minute (micro vibration) which gives your facial muscle the right amount of stimulation in order to get a firming effect to improve the skin. It can also reduce wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead and neck, instantly reshape the face contour to reveal your youthful look and energy! It can beautify your skin, with only using it for 2 - 3 minutes per day, then you will be able to easily get the firm and beautiful skin you always dream of. The natural current which exists inside the body can be affected by pressure and aging, which is the main cause for spots and loosed skin.

    Since the wavelength of gold ions and living organisms' natural current is the same, a slide of the gold ions on the skin can regulate and balance the bioelectricity, thus promotes metabolism and activates skin cells, giving radiance and elasticity to the skin. Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse for Skincare is 14cm in length and weighs 80g. It's made of brass, aluminium (The T part is gold-plated) and uses AA battery. It's designed in Japan and made water-proof, so you can use it during bath or shower. 

    As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and vitality. You can turn back time with the Golden Beauty Bar. It Instantly tightens and lifts skin. The 24K gold plating Y-bar helps enrich the skin. It promotes blood circulation and restores skin radiance, firmness, elasticity and lifts tired eyes. It smooths out puffy eyes and crow's feet, frown lines & wrinkles. It also improves neck wrinkles and lifts droopy skin and circulation for glowing skin.

    The Energy Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse rejuvenates your tired and dull complexions. It also helps diminish frown lines and wrinkles to be safe of delicated areas, including around the eye and 24K gold is naturally antimicrobial.


    The Gold Beauty Bar Facial Roller can be easily use at home as a treatment and it only takes 3-5 minutes per day. The Waterproof design can be used in the shower or in the bath. It is battery-operated for portability.
    You can start by turning on the 24K Gold Bar with a simple twist at the bottom of its handle. The Gold Bar can be used by itself or with a face lotion. With its sleek and waterproof design, it is great for use in a bath, sauna, and even at the workplace.

    Its T-shaped bar conveniently sculpts to the contours of your face which makes it easier for you to massage and achieve that youthful-looking skin. Massage along the areas of your skin that you want to improve such as under the eyes, along the T-bone, chin, cheeks, along your neck, and even for your hands. Repeat daily for 3-5 minutes and see the amazing results.


    • Size: Medium
    • Application: Body
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
    •  Use on: Forehead, Cheek, Neck, Clavicle, Shoulder, Arm


    • 1 x Gold Beauty Bar Facial Roller
    USB Bracelet
    Electronic Flea Comb
    • Using physical cleanliness without any chemical drugs, the item is safe and practical.You can feel comfortable to buy and use it.
    • Stainless steel needle comb and reasonable density design, lice can not escape.This is beneficial for you and your dogs.
    • Enough filter device, and you can change bags at any time.The item can be recycled,so it is economic and envrionment friendly.
    • Vertical and horizontal comb design, multi angle cleaning pet body parts to give you a more cleaner baby and you and your pets can escape the injury of lice.
    Inflatable Pet Collars

    This item is manufactured with premium material for durable and long-lasting use. The precise design and soft texture will make your pet comfortable during wearing. The sturdy structure and craft make it look unique and exquisite. It will provide a safe and humane method of preventing cats and dogs from aggravating a healing wound or injury.
    It is especially designed for small and medium dogs or cats. This is a high quality and soft material, non-toxic for your pet.
    It is easy to inflate and put on and comfortable to your little dog. it helps overcome lick-bite, itch-scratch cycle, great for recovery from injuries, rashes and post surgery.
    Perfect for walking, jogging, photo taking and other outdoor activities. Easy to store...

    Portable Shader
    Inflatable Car Mattress Save 29%

    Inflatable Car Mattress

    Save 29%

    Turn your back seat into a comfortable bed with the car inflatable mattress

    Thinking about going outdoors? Waiting for your next camping? Elevate your experience with the easy to use, comfortable car air mattress.


    • Great solution for a long distance travel, hiking, festivals and camping
    • Built in multifunctional base gives the mattress its stability and acts as a sofa back when you take the mattress outside of your car
    • Comes with 2 inflatable pillows
    • Built in security cushion for kids
    • Electric 12V pump included for quick inflate and deflate.
    • Made from high quality materials, waterproof and easy to clean
    • Compatible with any car, SUV or truck

    How to Install:

    Impact resistance:


    Material: High-grade TPU Leather fabric + PVC
    Product size (L x W x H): 135 x 84 x 46 cm / 53 x 33 x 18 inches
    Product weight: 3.0 kg (6.61lb)

    Packaging Details:

    Package size (L x W x H): 15 x 10 x 8 cm / 5.91 x 3.94 x 3.15 inches
    Package weight: 0.5 kg (1.10lb.)

    Package Include: 

    1 Car Air Mattress For Traveling & Camping
    2 Pillows
    1 Car Air Pump
    1 Repair Patch and Glue Kits




    Maze Dog Feeder Save 14%

    Maze Dog Feeder

    Maze Dog Feeder

    Save 14%
    The new innovation that helps you promote wellness to you most loved pets The MAZE DOG FEEDER
    • PROMOTES FUN HEALTHY EATING - MAZE DOG FEEDER Slo-Bowls help dogs eat up to 10X slower
    • IMPROVES DIGESTION - These dog bowls naturally improve digestion by allowing dogs to forage for their food through the fun patterns and mazes
    • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED -Vets recommend Fun Feeder Slo-Bowls to aid in digestion and help prevent bloat
    • NON SLIP BASE & FOOD SAFE MATERIALS - MAZE DOG FEEDER Slo-Bowls won't slip or slide & are made with food-safe materials that are BPA, PVC & Phthalate free
    • PROPER PORTIONS- The Large MAZE DOG FEEDER Slo-Bowl holds up to 4 cups of dry kibble, the Small holds 2 cups & the X-Small holds 3/4 cup. All MAZE DOG FEEDER work great for dry or wet food diets
    Face Hammock Save 34%

    Face Hammock

    Face Hammock

    Save 34%

    Getting tired of the occasional head nods when you sleep while travelling in a car or plane?  Now you can travel with the face hammock that props your head up on a plane or car, the Face Hammock props your head up by putting your head in a sort of hammock.

    It straps a pillow around your chin and ties your head up using the back of the head-rest, which keeps your head from falling down or rocking back and forth while sleeping on the go.

    Nothing will stop you know in getting those precious power naps and not hurting yourself!

    Portable Baby Changing Pad


    • LIGHTWEIGHT but SPACIOUS and WELL ORGANIZED - This portable changing pad with storage makes diapering hassle-free. The large mesh and zippered pockets are designed to have everything handy, to hold diapers, wipes, creams, baby oil or small toys for the little one.
    • NO MORE HEAVY BAGS - just this perfect diaper clutch designed with YOUR NEEDS in mind - Have everything you need in one secure bag. The exterior slick zippered pocket can hold essentials like your phone, keys or napkins. Use the buckle strap to clip it to your wrist or stroller.
    • DIAPERING ON THE GO? - Nothing SIMPLER. Compact and lightweight when folded, this travel changing station unfolds to 40.95 inches to protect your newborn baby or toddler and offer maneuvering space.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Offering the very best for your baby is the most important thing in the world, right? We are confident that we can do exactly that for you. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact us for a replacement or a refund.


    Product : 3-in-1 Diaper Clutch
    This All-in-One diapering solution provides all the benefits of a standard portable changing mat and diaper clutch plus adjustable redirection barrier to hang toys from and distract your child's hands away from the mess





    uses cutting edge technology to simulate a flickering flame. It provides a realistic glow that creates ambiance and warmth. It creates a visual warmth that is cozy and inviting. The lifelike color and flickering motion of the FlameWave votive provides a dazzling light with which only natural flame can compete. Uses cutting edge technology to simulate a flickering flame. It provides a realistic glow that creates ambiance and warmth. The LED FLAME creates a cozy atmosphere and can be used indoors and out. The water resistant design offers versatility.

     Product Type: LED Flame effect Bulb
     Base Type: E26 /E27
     Lighting Type:3 Models(Flame flashing-alway on-dark to light)
     Light Source: SMD 2835 99pcs Epistar Chips 
     Shape Type: Tubular 
     Shell Material: PC (Resistance of 105℃) 
     Voltage: AC 100-265V
     Wattage: 7 watts
     Color Temperature: 1300K
     Luminous Intensity: 650 lumens 
     Beam Angle: 360 Degrees 
     Package: 1 PC LED BULB
    iTV Box Player

    Free TV for life? Yes, Definitely! 

    The iTV Box Player is a user-friendly innovative gadget that runs on the latest Android nougat operating system. This tiny box promises TV shows and movies without the costly monthly bill. It allows a user a wide range of use from surfing the web, to streaming video straight to your TV. 

    Simply connect to your telly via ethernet or WiFi. Once connected, you can now use your TV like using your Android devices online. Youtube, Netflix and play your games on your big TV screen. 

    Powered by Rockchip Quad-core, It runs smoothly and stable at any speed. Comes with an 8GB internal memory storage, it will have enough ROM to install your preferred app. If you need more, the storage can also be expanded via TF card up to 64GB. This is indeed a must-have for all the techy guys and gals!

    Don't miss the excitement of owning one, get yours NOW!

    Sweat Out Shirt
    Upper Body Workout Enhancer
    Thermogenic Accelarator
    Fights against painful injuries
    Increases circulation
    This workout vest accelerates and enhances heat production, helps balance problem areas during your workout. Increasing heat production to "Slow to Respond", insulating fatty tissue areas. Creates a "Portable Sauna - Like" Environment, accelerates Warm - up and recovery time, making your workout feel easier. Assists in preventing muscle injury. It is designed to fit snugly with soft elastic waistband and ergonomically positioned flatlock seams to help reduce chafing and increase comfort
    • Increase your Metabolism
    • Burn more calories
    • Increase your Mental and Physical toughness
    • Detoxify your immune system
    • Increase Flexibility
    Slimming Shirt
    Upper Body Workout Enhancer
    Thermogenic Accelarator
    Fights against painful injuries
    Increases circulation
    This workout vest accelerates and enhances heat production, helps balance problem areas during your workout. Increasing heat production to "Slow to Respond", insulating fatty tissue areas. Creates a "Portable Sauna - Like" Environment, accelerates Warm - up and recovery time, making your workout feel easier. Assists in preventing muscle injury. It is designed to fit snugly with soft elastic waistband and ergonomically positioned flatlock seams to help reduce chafing and increase comfort
    • Increase your Metabolism
    • Burn more calories
    • Lose unwanted inches around Waist, Stomach and Back
    • Increase your Mental and Physical toughness
    • Detoxify your immune system
    • Increase Flexibility




    The dogbrella is just what it sounds like—an umbrella for dogs. It is inverted so that a person can hold the handle from above while the dogbrella protects a small dog from the rain. The leash attaches to the underside. The product description will sound out of date to many modern dog lovers because of such phrases as “enabling canine and master to maintain a walking regimen in inclement weather.”

    This pet umbrella with built-in Leash, simply hook the built-in leash to the collar, can keep the dog dry, clean and comfortable in the rain, sleet, snow. Transparent umbrella body is convenient to view your pet while walking.

    100% Brand New & High Quality
    Designed especially for pets.
    Material: transparent PE plastic+metal
    Diameter: 69cm
    Whole length: 85cm
    Built-in leash hook: 25cm
    A great gift for the dog! 

    A wine glass that will never shatter, which is why we call it the Unbreakable Wine Glass :)
    Comes in quantities of 1, 4 & 8.
    Take it anywhere with you, it folds and bends as much as you like.
    Perfect for those messy parties you don't want to bring out your best glasses out to :)
    Made of Silicon, this indestructible glass will change your life!
    (Wine not included)
    Solar Bug Killer

    This Solar Buzz Kill will make your home insect-free! It zaps pesky bugs, mosquitoes, insects and other flying nuisances at home, in your room, garden or anywhere. Plus, it's solar powered, which means there're no wiring or battery costs at all. The panel simply harnesses the sun’s rays and stores the energy in the rechargeable batteries (included) for when in use. 

    The cordless and portable design makes it easy to bring on-the-go. You can even take it with you on vacation to make sure no flying pests ruin your holiday.

    • safe, hygienic & chemical free way to get rid of flies, mosquitoes & unwanted insects.
    • The blue plasma light attracts the flying pests and the live wire eliminates them quickly and effectively.
    • Solar-powered: No plugs or batteries
    • With a safety button to activate the simple twist on/off design.
    • Package Includes: 1 x Solar Bzz Kill
    • Light Source: LED Bulbs
    • Is Batteries Required: No
    • Shape: Circle
    • Size: L10 x H10 x D5 cm.
    Liquid Lawn System

    NO MORE dry patches, dog spots, high traffic areas or shades on your lawn! You will be able to fully fill your lawn with green grasses by simply spraying our Liquid Lawn System! It is the perfect hydroseeding solution to patchy lawns that need repairing!


    • Grow Grass Anywhere Effortlessly: (with proper care)
    • Easy but Effective: Just attach the Liquid Lawn System to any garden hose, turn the dial & start spraying
    • Reseeds up to a 100 ft
    • Professional Result: Fix all dry patches, dog spots, high traffic areas & shady sections

    Type: Water Cans
    Material: Plastic
    Color: Blue

    Package Includes: (SEEDS NOT INCLUDED)

    • 1 x Liquid Lawn Spray
    • 1 x Liquid Mousse 
    Anti Theft BackPack

    This Bag is a USB charging, anti-theft backpack that holds just about anything you need while keeping it all safe with enhanced safety features (i.e. hidden zipper).  And don't worry about spills!  It is water and stain resistant!

    • Integrated USB charging port
    • Illuminating safety strips
    • Water repellent fabric
    • Weight balance
    • Luggage strap
    • Adjustable open angles
    • Hidden zipper closures
    • Advanced storage design
    • Shock-proof
    • Cut proof material

    Closure Type: Zipper
    Pattern Type: Solid
    Interior: Cell Phone Pocket,Interior Compartment
    Carrying System: Arcuate Shoulder Strap
    Main Material: Oxford
    Model Number: Anti-Theft backpack
    Capacity: 20-35 Litre
    Lining Material: Polyester

    Painless Hair Remover

    TYPE:   Epilator

    WEIGHT: 200 g

    Delivers the ultimate grooming tool designed to make women feel sexy and clean all over. Utilizes precision micro-oscillation technology to gently sweep away unwanted hairs at the surface of your skin.

    • Comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery for reliable power. 
    • Safe and gentle on the most sensitive skin
    • No more painful or smelly hair removal methods
    • No more nicks, cuts, bumps or burns
    • Dermatologist recommended
    • Use anywhere there s unwanted hair - safe on all skin types and colors.


    • Dimensions: 17 cm x 2.5 cm x 9 cm
    • Power: 100v - 240v AC 60Hz/50Hz
    • Battery: Lithium Ion Rechargeable
    • Charging Time: 3 hours


    1. Move power switch to “ON” position (toward the Sensa-Light head).
    2. Power LED Flashes when “ON”.
    3. Front LEDs (near Sensa-Light head) will flash at 0.5 seconds to let you know product is ready.
    4. When the Sensa-Light head comes in contact with your skin, the unit will activate and remove hair as long as the head is against your skin.
    5. The unit will go to “sleep,” automatically deactivate, 6 seconds after you remove the Sensa-Light head from your skin.
    6. The unit will reactivate when reapplied to skin.
    7. Upon completing the hair removal, simply move the power switch to “OFF” to shut down the unit.
    Activation Jumping Ball for Dogs Save 36%

    Activation Jumping Ball for Dogs

    Save 36%

    Would you like to keep your dog active and healthy?

    The Activation Jumping Ball for Dogs is the toy your dog is going to love! Interactive toys are one of the best you can give your furry friends, keeping them entertained for hours.

    • Stimulates your dogs nose and mind
    • Prevents boredom and loneliness when you're away
    • Prevents unwanted destructive behaviour due to boredom or anxiousness
    • Helps aide your dogs growth and development



    Dashboard Phone Stand Save 50%

    Dashboard Phone Stand

    Save 50%


    • For all phones and devices from 3.5" to 7" 
    • Stable as mountain
    • Ultra grip on any surface
    • Self Locking
    • Ajustable, Extendable and Rotating arm
    • Reusable nano sticky cup - you can easly move it to different locations
    • Use it at your car for enjoyable and safe driving or at you home or office as a stand
    Wing Brush

    Wing Brush


    NO MORE Leftovers Stuck In Between Your Teeth!

    Our hot-selling Wing Brush is specially designed to clean in between your teeth effectively and safely. Simply place the brush at right where you need to clean and press the handle to let the brush slide through your interdental space! Acquire healthy gums effortlessly!


    • Ultra-soft brush: testified not to hurt your teeth or gums!
    • Easy to Use: Simply dock and press brush to slide through your interdental spaces
    • A better alternative to flossing: easier & more efficient
    • Removes plaque, massages and strengthens your gums
    • Perfect for in between teeth, around implants, under braces, & around crowns
    • Wash brush thoroughly after every use
    • Change the brush weekly

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Handle
    • 3 x Refill Brush Heads
    Invisible Bra Save 45%

    Invisible Bra

    Invisible Bra

    Save 45%

    The World's Most Comfortable Bra

    Product Specifications:

    • Fabric Composition: Nylon
    • Style: U type
    • Strap Type: Strapless
    • Color:Black, Flesh
    • Package: One piece
    • Item weight: 50 g

    Size Chart:


    We truly believe we have some of the most innovative products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free ironclad 30 day guarantee.

    If you don't have a positive experience for ANY reason, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

    Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realize that there is absolute ZERO risk in buying something and trying it out. If you don't like it, no hard feelings we'll make it right.

    We have 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support. Please contact us if you need assistance.

    Solar Waterproof Wall Light Save 33%

    Solar Waterproof Wall Light

    Save 33%

    Save Money And Add Safety With This Amazing Solar-Powered Light

    The Solar Wall Light emits an ultra-bright light that automatically illuminates your yard after dark. This solar-powered unit is easy to place wherever you need it--stucco, wood, siding, stone and more--without the help of tools. It features a 120-degree motion sensor that activates the light when it detects movement and turns it off when it doesn't. The heavy-duty, weatherproof design readily withstands snow, rain and more for year-round use.

    • 2 Light settings: high and low.
    • Wide angle beam: covers a broad area.
    • 120 degree Motion sensor: detects movement up to 25 ft. away.
    • Super-bright LED flat panels can last a lifetime without burning out.
    • Simple installation, no more ugly wires, feel free to place it anywhere you want.
    • Tough enough to withstand rain, snow and inclement weather, these solar powered lights are waterproof.


    • Color: White.
    • Weight: 220g.
    • Size: 15 x 10.5 x 5cm.
    • Power: Solar Operated.
    • Material: Plastic & Metal.

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Solar Waterproof Wall Light.


    • Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
    • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.

    Picture Hanging Tool Save 38%

    Picture Hanging Tool

    Save 38%
    Picture Hanging Tool helps you hang decor items quickly and easily, every time.
    • Use the to hang pictures, mirrors, and clocks quickly and accurately.
    • Works with all types of hanging hardware including wire, frame hooks, d-rings and keyholes.
    • The exact nail position and includes built in vertical and horizontal levels.
    • The products are used in a convenient way to watch and use.
    • Simple and practical it will be your family's little helper.

      1. Visually hang your art where you want every time, with no measuring needed.

      2. Metal pins mark exactly where the nail goes eliminating 'oops' holes.

      3. Picture Hanging Tool marks exactly where the nail goes making hanging groupings and galleries a breeze.

      4. This tool has it all. A single hook to hold up to 10 lbs and a double hook for larger items up to 20 lbs. There's even a built-in level.

      5. Simply place your picture frame or other item on the hook, find the right spot on the wall, press the button to mark where the nail goes, hammer the nail in, then hang and level it. You're done.

      Product Type: Picture Hanger
      Hook Type: Hang and level
      Color: Yellow
      Supplies: Woodworking
      Size: 13.9inch length*3.6inch wide
      Number of Pieces: 1

      LED Toilet Night Light - 16 color Save 50%

      LED Toilet Night Light - 16 color

      Save 50%
      With LED Toilet Night Light - 16 color, No more stumbling around in the dark in your bathroom!
      • AUTO LIGHTING, NO MORE STUMBLING AROUND IN THE DARK  – are you tired of fumbling in the dark for a light switch when you need to use the bathroom at night? Our multi-color LED toilet bowl light is the perfect accessory to decorate your bathroom. With a motion sensor, this LED lighting automatically turns on and makes your bathroom use much more convenient. You no longer have to turn on lights that are too bright at night!
      • EASY INSTALLATION WITH LONG LASTING DURABLE PARTS – do you want to give your family a little surprise by making the bathroom a fun and accommodative place? Our multi-color LED toilet bowl lighting system is designed to do just that. You can install this accessory in a matter of seconds. The adjustable and flexible arm makes things easier, and you can make the motion sensor more effective by having it face the bathroom door!
      • EASY TO CLEAN, SAFE TO USE, ENJOY MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE – are you looking for a toilet bowl light that is easy to clean and safe to use for your entire family? Our LED multi-color toilet bowl light is a smart device that makes your bathroom pleasant and more fun. What’s more? If you’re training your kids on how to use a potty, this LED lighting for the bathroom will make it much more fun for them.
      • MULTI-COLORED(16 colors) LED LIGHT, AUTO SENSING WITH ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM – are you on a budget but looking for an easy and affordable way to light your bathroom and make it more enticing? Ditch those complicated bathroom wall lights and go for the multi-color LED toilet bowl accessory that’s highly usable. Even better, this LED lighting system is fitted with an energy saving system so you get maximum value for your money.


      The distance of induction is 2 meters
      Power Supply: 3x Batteries (Not Includes)

      With Witshine toilet light, you can…
      - Say good bye to bumping into stuff in the dark in bathroom
      - Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark and its for potty training
      - Better performance than other 12-color rechargeable toilet lights

      Bear Grip Panel Carrier Save 36%

      Bear Grip Panel Carrier

      Save 36%

      Conveniently Lift Nearly ANYTHING With This Handy Grip!

      Grip Panel Carrier ToolsIdeal for carrying or dragging rubber mats.

      • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Ergonomic design for one person, Cushion-handle for all day comfort
      • PREMIUM MATERIAL - High-strength glass-filled nylon polymer gripper plates
      • LOAD BEARING - Self-adjusting from zero (0) to 3/4" (zero (0) to 21mm), rate up to 100 pounds
      • CONVENIENT OPERATION - Use one hand to carry plywood, sheetrock, MDF, melamine, sheet metal, and other sheet goods, labor-saving, back-saving
      • HEAVY DUTY - Solid metal construction with durable, impact resistant ABS handles
      • AUTOMATIC ADJUST - Self-adjusting panel gripper makes it easy for one person to lift and carry full sheets of material

      Grip Panel Carrier Tools is a GP (General Purpose) Panel Carrier is a unique Lifting & Carrying System and is not just for construction industry. Its ergonomic design allows one person to carry heavy sheet goods (such as plywood, drywall, particle board, melamine, thick glass panels & lots of other such materials), from the top using only one hand. Comes with an ergo cushion-handle for all day comfort.

      It simplifies that task, greatly reduces the strain & risk of injury to the back, neck, shoulders, arms & hands and works by clamping onto the top of the panel, creating a sturdy temporary handle for the person who is carrying it. It grips & won't let go until you lower the handle. It allows the user to lift & move such materials with a straight back, eliminating the requirement of bending over to get under the bottom, thus avoiding the torqued back & the aches & pains that are far too familiar to construction workers, woodworkers even do-it-yourself.

      It is made of an eXtremely durable glass-filled nylon polymer gripper plates & epoxy coated steel supports arms.. It's also excellent for carrying signs (Single or multiple up to the full 3/4" thickness capacity of the gripper). The special rubber gripping pads mounted on both plates protect the surfaces of the materials from being damaged or marred. 

      Color: As the picture shows

      Size: Length and width of about 20 * 13 * 10.5cm error of about 1cm

      Material: Iron + Reinforced nylon

      Package includes: 1 Pc


      Car Seat Headrest
      Comfortably support the head, shoulder, and neck of a sleeping passenger in your car with the Car Seat Headrest. It's a great way to add head, neck and shoulder support to a sleeping child.
      • Easy to disassemble and install.
      • Specialized in making the journey quality sleep.
      • Clear and convenient, random fluctuation, space is not limited.
      • Only be installed on the seat with headrest and adjustable height.
      • It is made of high elastic nylon and is comfortable and environmentally friendly.


      • Color: Black/Blue/Beige
      • Dimension: 48 x 20 cm

      Package Includes:

      • 1 x Car Seat Headrest 


      • Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
      • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.