4-In-1 Beautifying Machine

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Pretty and Healthy You!

The 4-In-1 Beautifying Machine is an all-around skin and hair solution. It is a very effective skin care enhancer that will help improve the blood circulation, kills bacteria that cause acne, provides a solution to oily skin problem, and improve metabolism. As for the hair, it prevents hair loss and thinning of the hair. The 4-In-1 Beautifying Machine uses a high-frequency facial care that possibly eliminates skin disorders and it's widely used by skin care professionals. The high-frequency facial care effectively creates a form rich in oxygen that has anti-bacterial possession which is very valuable for enriching the hair and the skin. It is applicable for all types of skin but frequently, a better outcome is seen on the oily skin. When used properly, it also stimulates cell renewal by gently warming the tissue of the skin. Try it now!


Type: Electrotherapy 
Size:4 IN 1
Material: Glass + ABS
Benefits: Acceleration of healing of wounds; Enhance blood circulation; Skin Care Facial Spa Salon Beauty; Strengthen cell metabolism
Function: Anti-Acne; Anti-wrinkle; Anti-aging; Diminishes inflammation; Removes spot;
Reduces visible skin pores; Improves lymph activity