Amazing Sticky Mat


This Mat Will Literally Hold Anything!

Here's a car dashboard staple you'd never want to miss out on!  Sure you can have all the car organizers out there but wouldn't it be much simpler to just stick small items somewhere and just peel them off anytime you want? The Amazing Sticky Mat is the organizer mat to end all your organizing woes! 

Amazing Sticky Mat was created with the innovative No Residue Nano Technology to make its surface sticky without any adhesive material needed. Incorporated with Nano Suction, it can hold small items made of common materials such plastic and metal. Stick your keys, loose change, lighter, pocket mirror, the dashboard radio remote control, your phone, iPod, practically anything you need to have a quick reach for any time of the day!

With the Amazing Sticky Mat on your car dashboard, there's absolutely no excuse to leave small items lying around the car. Get your organization game on point, buy one while we're still in stock!

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