Firm Skin System

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Instant Slim and Sexy Thighs

Over time, your thighs can have sagging skin due to weight loss. You can now hide away those sagging skin by using this

Firm Skin System. Attach the half-portion of this patch on the mid-part of your thighs and slowly lift the other half-portion to the desired part to give your thigh an instant lifting effect. Put it on the part of your thighs that can be hidden by your shorts or skirts. Direction 

Instantly have smooth-looking sexy thighs by just using this Firm Skin System! Buy now!

How to use Firm Skin System:

Step 1
Peel the back part of Firm Skin System.

Step 2
Apply Firm Skin System to your desired area such as the thigh, arms, tummy, and hips. 

Helpful hint:
Begin in the center, and rub outward in both directions for 30 seconds to insure a firm attachment. Leave it covered up to 1 to 5 hours or overnight. 

Step 3
Avoid Touching Firm Skin System until it has been firmly tacked into the desired position.
Repeat this procedure on your other desired area.


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