InfraRed Smart Plug

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A Universal Infrared-Operated Technology Controller

This infrared smart remote control system is designed for Apple IOS and Android devices. This universal remote can control all types of an infrared appliances: tv's, set-top boxes, air conditioning, projector, DVD, amplifier, fan, SLR, light bulbs, and many more. It also supports a wide range of iOS phones. 

Its compact design makes all the necessary microchips and internal technology system extremely portable. No external battery, advanced processing technology, circuits are integrated into the IC unit in an audio pin. Super mini-size in appearance! 

Compatible with: SONY, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, Palm, HTC, Motorola

How to use

Step 1: Download App 
Download “Fingertip” or “ZazaRemote” from App Store. (The product includes IR receiver only, APP and data base are provided by third party).

Step 2: Plug in product unit
Plug the product unit into headphone jack and open APP. Rotate unit volume icon displayed on smartphone, which symbolizes connected, and adjust to maximum volume.  

Step 3: Add Remote 
Point IR transmitter to household appliance and then add remote - select appliance and brand - click to match and save. (If unserviceable, please click more - Help & Feedback, feedback the unserviceable appliance model).

Step 4: End Use 
Pull out the unit, or rotate it to non-contact status to be a dust plug.


***Note: Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

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